What Is Commercial Insurance And Why Do I Need It?

Commercial Insurance

Thinking about making your idea a reality and opening your own small business? More power to you! An entrepreneur’s spirit lives inside of you and you’re ready to take on the universe. While you excitedly sketch out your logo and find a lender, don’t get so caught up that you forget one of the most basic, yet most essential aspects: Commercial insurance.

What Is It?

As the name implies, commercial insurance is geared towards business owners to help them manage a company and crew.

What Does It Cover?

It all depends on how you choose to use it, but most commercial packages include things like:

  • Auto breakdown/replacement coverage for commercial vehicles
  • Cybersecurity packages
  • Worker’s compensation packages (if you manage a team)

How Can I Learn More?

A great place to start is your homeowner’s insurer. Speak to one of your agents and ask whether or not they offer commercial insurance — and if they don’t, ask who they recommend or if they do business with any affiliates. If you are left completely stumped, check out data found on www.isurepro.com to give you a running start.

You protect your car, home, and health, why would you not protect your business? Don’t let your hard work and money go to waste when you act on your exciting new endeavor.

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