What is a Stock Throughput Policy?

D&G Sayles Insurance

If you have a business that manufactures, distributes, imports or exports products then you should understand what a stock throughput policy entails. A stock throughput or STP policy is an all-inclusive type of coverage that offers protection during the entire supply-chain cycle and even takes gaps of coverage into account.

From raw materials to finished products, a stock throughput policy is designed to cover your inventory throughout production, storage, transit, and delivery. During the production and overall flow of goods, there are countless ways a product can be damaged or lost. That is why securing stock throughput coverage through an experienced company like D&G Sayles Insurance, is an ideal way to protect your investment. With this type of marine insurance, you can rest assured knowing that your goods are covered from start to finish.

STP’s commonly come with low deductibles and high limits making them a cost-friendly choice for companies looking to lower overhead costs and improve administration and operating costs. Partner with a reputable company and ensure you are getting the most competitive price in the market.

Rather than dealing with the hassle of carrying multiple types of coverage for each phase of your product’s life cycle, consider the advantages of one comprehensive stock throughput policy. Get the coverage you need from the raw material stage to the final delivery of your product.

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