What Insurance Does Your Boat Cleaning Company Need?

As a boat cleaner, it is your business to make sure vessels are in top shape before they set sail. Boat owners rely on your services to clean and maintain their ships. Boat cleaning insurance is a crucial component for keeping your company afloat by alleviating the expense of potential lawsuits.

Do You Need Insurance for Your Boat Cleaning Business?

Many incidents can occur while you are cleaning a boat. Accidents happen, even with strict procedures and proper precautions. If your services cause damage to the vessel or result in bodily injury to someone, the boat owner may file a legal claim against you. Paying for an attorney, court fees and repair costs can be expensive. The right insurance policy minimizes your risks by helping pay for legal expenses and damages.

What Does Boat Cleaning Insurance Cover?

A general liability policy from a marine insurance provider protects your company from lawsuits. This type of policy covers third-party claims related to:

  • Property damage
  • Advertising injury
  • Personal injury
  • Bodily harm

Keep in mind that this kind of insurance coverage applies only to third parties, such as your clients or visitors on the boat. It does not cover your staff or your property.

No matter how careful you follow cleaning protocols, mishaps can still occur. Protect yourself from potential legal actions by obtaining boat cleaning insurance from an experienced agent.

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