What Are the Potential Liabilities of Summer Fun

watercraft liability

Summer is a perfect opportunity for people to participate in fun seasonal activities. However, there are hazards that endanger the participants, property and third parties. The business owners involved in summer entertainment need to look for possible summer fun liabilities. 

Equipment Rental 

People rent vehicles and other equipment for recreational purposes, from ATVs to boats. While using them can be exciting, there are also potential risks. The owners of these vehicles can be held responsible for any injuries or destruction resulting from these recreational activities. They can either add land or watercraft liability to their general liability coverage or obtain a specialized plan. 

Alcohol Consumption 

Summer social events and parties for adults may sell and distribute alcohol products. Their consumption can lead to harmful incidents such as fighting, vandalism and car accidents. Venue owners that sell alcohol can be held liable for any injuries, casualties and damages connected to alcohol use. Specialized insurance can mitigate the financial impact, and preventative measures can keep patrons safe.  

Summer Camps

Summer camps for children and teens feature potentially hazardous activities, such as horseback riding, sports and swimming. Since the operators are looking after children, they can be held liable for any incidents. Proper safety education, strict hiring and insurance coverage can prevent these incidents or reduce their harm. 

Recreation facility and equipment owners will have increased business during the summer but also greater risks. Proper awareness of these exposures and the right coverage can protect these businesses throughout the season. 

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