Understanding Insurance Coverage for Libraries

Insurance Coverage

Libraries are more than just places to check out books–they’re centers for families, students, artists, and others. In order to run a successful library that nourishes your community, you’ll want to ensure that you have library liability coverage that covers all the most important areas.

General Coverage

A good liability coverage package will include general liability coverage. This can help cover costs and discourage lawsuits related to injuries sustained by anyone on the premises. Additional Good Samaritan coverage can help provide protection in the case of a medical emergency.

Technology Coverage

As technology–such as computers, printers, and digital media–become more present in libraries, your library liability coverage should reflect this trend. Good coverage will provide protection for computer equipment and data, and well as any other technology in your library.

Property Coverage

Libraries frequently bring in or lend out books, art, and technology, and as such need protection for their property even when it isn’t in the building. A thorough insurance policy will provide coverage for property that is in transit or off-premise.

Libraries differ from traditional companies in how they function, and consequently in their insurance needs. Having good library liability coverage can help you build a strong community space without worrying about your financial risks.

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