Three Tips to Increase Staffing Firm Cybersecurity


Staffing firms may not consider data breaches a high concern, but perhaps they should. With the number of temporary, part-time and contract workers moving about the building on any given day, it can be hard to keep track of who has access to what. These tips can help increase your firm’s cybersecurity measures.

Staff Training

Regularly train staff on appropriate security procedures. New employees should have training on how the firm handles sensitive information even if they have no access to that information. As seen on WWSPI, employee misuse of information causes about 12% of all breaches.

Breach Response

Data breaches are bound to happen regardless of the security measures in place. Having a breach response plan in place before they happen can help mitigate the damage done. A solid insurance plan can help mitigate the financial loss of a breach.

Security Policy

All these should be included in robust cybersecurity policy. Encrypt all personal information before issuing mobile devices in case someone loses the device. Have a plan to update all security programs and software programs on a regular basis to reduce outside threats.
Data breaches occur both inside and outside the company. Staffing firms are particularly vulnerable due to the number of people accessing the system. These tips can help reduce the number of breaches and reduce their effects when they happen.

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