The Basics of Inland Transport Liability

Inland Transport Liability

Any industry can be quite confusing when it comes to insurance coverage. You may hear the terms “marine insurance” and “Inland marine insurance” used together, but they are separate coverage’s. With marine insurance, coverage is for the transport of products across waterways. With inland marine coverage’s, it applies to the transport of products, equipment, and material that occurs on land.

Your Business and Its Insurance Needs

Though you may do a lot of business with transport over waterways, chances are you will also rely on transport by truck or train for some of your materials or products. You may also have third-party storage or warehousing partners that work with your company. Because cargo theft and collisions are two of the most frequent losses that occur with inland marine transport, it is important you have this exposure covered by insurance.

Covering Your Basics

With a Business Owners Policy, you may have sufficient property insurance to address losses at both your location and a separate but business-related location. However, when your company relies heavily on shipments of equipment or products, these situations are excluded from a BOP. Inland marine can cover things like computers, construction equipment, medical equipment, communications or networking equipment, and a number of other business needs.

When doing business, there is a lot at stake with the safe delivery of your product to the consumer. In order to protect your exposures during transport, consider investing in an inland marine policy.

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