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Understanding Insurance Coverage for Libraries

Insurance Coverage

Libraries are more than just places to check out books–they’re centers for families, students, artists, and others. In order to run a successful library that nourishes your community, you’ll want to ensure that you have library liability coverage that covers all the most important areas.

General Coverage

A good liability coverage package will include general liability coverage. This can help cover costs and discourage lawsuits related to injuries sustained by anyone on the premises. Additional Good Samaritan coverage can help provide protection in the case of a medical emergency.

Technology Coverage

As technology–such as computers, printers, and digital media–become more present in libraries, your library liability coverage should reflect this trend. Good coverage will provide protection for computer equipment and data, and well as any other technology in your library.

Property Coverage

Libraries frequently bring in or lend out books, art, and technology, and as such need protection for their property even when it isn’t in the building. A thorough insurance policy will provide coverage for property that is in transit or off-premise.

Libraries differ from traditional companies in how they function, and consequently in their insurance needs. Having good library liability coverage can help you build a strong community space without worrying about your financial risks.

What To Look for in an Insurance Agency as a Business Owner

Insurance Agency

When it comes to running your Florida-based business, you know that having the right insurance plans in place is the best way to protect your interests. Without those plans, you’ll have to pay for repairs, lawsuits, settlements and other problems that arise completely out of pocket. While finding a great insurance plan is important, you also need to find an insurance agency you can trust.

What To Look for in an Agency

Different insurance agencies offer different types of services. The first thing you should do is look for an agency that provides the types of coverage that your business needs. This should include the following:

  • Property coverage
  • Employee benefits packages
  • Retirement plans
  • Liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance

Choosing an agency that doesn’t offer the types of insurance that your business needs only complicates things. You’ll have to fill in the gaps with a separate agency or find a new provider in the long run.

Choose the Agency You Can Trust

When you’re looking for an insurance agency, it’s okay to be picky. Work with the organization that takes the time to get to know your company and your needs. The more interest their agents show in your operation, the easier it will be to get the protection you need.

Finding a reliable insurance agency is the best way to get the insurance you need. Choose the Florida insurance agency you’re most comfortable with and you’ll be in good shape.

Why You Need Insurance to Start a Business in Ohio


No matter how large or small, every business needs insurance. Even if your day-to-day activities seem safe, the possibility of something going awry is always there. Having Ohio business insurance can mean the difference between staying in business and going bankrupt after a simple accident.

Bodily Injuries

You don’t have to be in a dangerous profession like skydiving for members of the public to become injured at your workplace. Liability insurance protects you from having to pay potentially devastating medical bills if someone slips and falls on your property.

Property Damage

Damage to another person’s property can occur in a multitude of ways. For example, you might bump into a client and cause him to drop an expensive cell phone. A liability policy pays to repair or replace damaged items.

Personal Injuries

Defamation and libel can occur unintentionally; unfortunately, however, an apology is not often enough to end the matter. If someone sues you for words they consider offensive, you need insurance to pay for court costs and legal representation.

Finding an insurance agent may feel like one more task on your already long to-do list, but it is an important one. Protect your business with a solid liability policy, and discuss options for additional coverage that are available to you.

The Importance of Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses

Commercial Insurance

A small business needs to be proactive about protecting itself against the possibility of a sudden loss or some form of liability exposure.  Obtaining a commercial insurance package policy is a fundamental part of any small business’ management.

Key Elements of Commercial Insurance

You don’t need to become an insurance expert before getting insurance for your business, but you need to understand some of the basics of commercial insurance coverage so that you can get a general sense of what you need when you reach out to an agent for help. Generally, more than one type of policy is needed to insure a business’ operations. You will likely need to build a package that includes the following types of policies:

Additional Policy Indorsements

Depending on your business’ activities, you may need additional protections to fully safeguard your business against loss and liability.

  •       Auto insurance for company vehicles
  •       Directors and officer’s insurance to protect board members and corporate officers from individual liability
  •       Professional liability insurance to protect companies that offer professional services in a specialized field

Work with an insurance agency that is experienced in serving small businesses in your industry for guidance about how you can structure a commercial package that meets your business’ needs.