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Improve Customer Loyalty With Email Appending

Improve Customer

One of the great things about digital marketing is the variety of communication options, but there are some online marketing channels–such as email–that cannot be ignored. Through the use of email appending services, your business can tap into this important mode of digital marketing to stay in touch with your customers.

The Importance of Email

In one survey, nearly three-quarters of adults say they prefer using email to communicate with companies. For many people and companies, email is the primary way they communicate online.

Using an Appending Service

Email appending services use the information your company already has to expand your email marketing reach. An appending service will compare the information you have about customers to a master database of emails and return your data to you with new email addresses attached.

Effectiveness of Appending Services

Emails found using an appending service are guaranteed to be 80% accurate. With these new emails, you can turn single-use customers into repeat customers and enhance brand recognition and loyalty with more points of contact.

Email is a powerful tool for marketing to customers, even those with whom you already communicate by other means. Using email appending services can help establish new points of contact with past customers and keep them coming back.