Securing Your Load is More Than Strapping it Down

Western Truck Insurance programs

“Even though all carriers are required to carry some form of liability insurance, general policies leave out some of the most expensive and critical areas of exposure. As the teams of Western Truck Insurance programs advise, securing a cargo insurance policy can help fill in one of the gaps left by a generic plan.

Areas of Exposure

Carrier liability does not offer any support in areas where damage to your cargo occurs. Because your payout depends on the ability to deliver a load, financially securing your load before you leave the warehouse is important. With cargo insurance, the goods are typically insured while they a being stored and then throughout transit until delivery. Coverage extends to areas of exposure from theft, damage, or loss during transport. Areas of transit can extend beyond the roadway and include:
Post parcel

Under the umbrella of cargo insurance, there are elements that need to be considered and these can be added into your coverage. Having an all-risk coverage extends the scope of protection to things caused by extends factors. It might include employee dishonesty, improper packing, or infestation.
To thoroughly secure your load, consider investing in cargo insurance. This policy allows you to focus on the needs of the road rather than worrying about the content of your trailer.

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