Reimagining Risk Management With Captive Insurance

As a business owner, two things that occupy your focus are saving money and managing risks. Certain insurance products help you manage various operational risks that can threaten the health of your company. For example, you might have property insurance to cover losses due to theft or fire. While that’s a pretty typical coverage for most businesses, your operations may include risks that are difficult to cover with standard policies. Self-insurance is a go-to for many businesses, but this can be a very costly way to manage risk.

Enter Captive Insurance

Captive insurance solutions offer a way for companies like yours to reduce costs, cover unique and/or difficult risks and improve cash flow by creating an insurance company. Captive insurance offers certain benefits for you as the insured:

  • Evaluating subsidiary risks
  • Writing policies
  • Setting premiums
  • Returning or reinvesting unused funds

Captive insurance includes common coverages such as general liability and worker’s compensation, as well as those for hard-to-insure risks that may be more specific to your company and its operations.

Control Your Coverage

Captive solutions put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to how you protect your business. Choose an insurer that can help you come up with a tailored approach that protects not only your company, but clientele risk as well. See how captive insurance can help you save money while protecting what matters.

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