Protecting Your Boat in the Wintertime

Boat in the Wintertime

If you’re a boater who lives in an area with four seasons, you know the importance of boat winterizing. Watercraft and associated repairs are expensive, and the damage caused by improper winterizing can be devastating and leave your boat unusable.

Dangers of Inadequate Winterizing

Failure to properly winterize your boat can result in fluid freezing and cracking important parts such as tanks and fuel lines. Freezing temperatures can also alter the chemical makeup of fuel inside your tank and create a caustic mixture that can damage your engine.

Preventing Fluid Freezing

Fluid expands as it freezes, which can result in cracked components. For this reason, fluid drainage is an important part of boat winterizing. Your engine, plumbing and water systems and drain systems should all be dried and prepped before storing your boat for winter.

Preventing Engine Damage

Adding a stabilizer to your fuel system can help avoid temperature-induced separation of fuel components and the associated engine damage. Make sure you run the engine to distribute the stabilizer to all parts of the system.

A boat is a big investment, and you don’t want to damage that investment due to negligent care. Proper boat winterizing involves a few key steps to prevent serious damage to the components of your craft.

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