Protecting Volunteers at Your Organization

Countless nonprofits — as well as other businesses and organizations — rely on volunteers to keep their operations flowing smoothly. Volunteers are integral for assisting clients, transporting clients and goods, accounting, managing food safety, and undertaking countless other tasks, depending on industry and type of organization.

Ensuring your nonprofit or organization carries sufficient volunteer liability insurance is essential to protecting your volunteers and the stability of your operation. Volunteers Insurance Service (VIS) can help you find an insurance and risk management policy sufficient to your busines.

What Does Volunteer Insurance Cover?

Specifics of volunteer insurance will vary depending on the unique details of your operation. A policy may offer general liability coverage, vehicle coverage, machinery coverage, or other types of coverage depending on your particular tasks. An experienced volunteer insurer will also be able to help you establish risk management programs — including additional trainings for volunteers, safety protocols, and other measures — to effectively prevent accidents before they occur.

A major benefit of volunteer insurance is that it covers areas that may be missed by your organization’s general liability policies. Rather than worrying about gaps, establishing a separate  volunteer liability insurance program will ensure you are prepared for any incidents. An experienced insurer can help develop a policy that effectively protects you and your volunteers.


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