Pros and Cons of Being an Owner Operator

It is the dream of many drivers to strike out on the open road in their own truck. It is nice to think about the freedom and profits that this kind of life might bring. Still, it is a huge decision, and there are a lot of factors to take into account.

Pros of Owning Your Truck

The freedom and profits that people imagine can be a reality. Working for yourself will usually pay better than driving for a company, and you have choices about what jobs to take or turn down.


Cons of Owning Your Truck

A lot of the drawbacks fall into the category of money. Getting your own truck is expensive. You will need to have a pretty good credit rating to secureĀ owner operator semi truck financing. If you have credit issues get them worked out before you try to borrow.

Another problem that can come up is family. If you are single, this may not apply. If you have a family make sure everyone understands what the life is going to be like. Being gone a lot can be hard on even a strong family.

if you are in a position where the financial and family burdens are manageable, being an owner operator might be right for you.

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