Preventing Accidents on the Water

Boating is a highly popular and enjoyable form of recreation, and for good reason: there’s nothing quite like being out on the open water. But boating can be dangerous: rough weather, lack of experience, and general neglect of proper safety procedures are all typical causes of boating accidents. Being proactive in establishing safety protocols before setting sail, along with being cautious while out on the water — and carrying necessary insurance if something does occur — are all essential to boating responsibly.

What Are Common Causes of Boating Accidents?

Open water can often be unpredictable: squalls and more severe storms may develop quickly, and inclement weather out at sea can have dramatic effects closer to shore. This said, practicing effective boating safety is the most important way to be responsible on the water. This includes:

  • Ensuring boats have sufficient life jackets
  • Carrying necessary emergency supplies
  • Avoiding drinking alcohol and boating
  • Ensuring boat machinery is well-maintained
  • Staying aware of the weather
  • Not boating without meaningful experience

All of the habits above can make the difference between a safe and dangerous boating excursion. An experienced insurer can also help you to implement safety and risk management practices, while also establishing a boat insurance policy that protects you and other boaters if something unexpected does occur.

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