Liability for Towing Operators

insurance requirement : Liability for Towing Operators

The risks associated with operating a towing company can be many, considering the dangers of roadside work, taking possession of another’s property, and the potential for an accident when taking a damaged vehicle to a yard or mechanic’s shop. Although it assumed that an operator would exercise caution and take reasonable care to ensure no damage occurs, accidents can and do happen. In these instances, the professionals at recommend a strong tow truck liability insurance plan.

The Reasoning Behind the Coverage

If through the actions of you or an operator, your business creates personal injury or causes property damage, you will be legally obligated to pay for the resolution of the situation. Depending on the extent of the incident, the medical bills, restoration or replacement costs, and legal fees could cripple your company’s finances. If your driver is headed down the road and swerves to avoid a dog that ran in the road, but while doing so hits another car, a liability policy could help cover the costs.

When it comes to what you would owe the other driver, a policy would help with:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Car repairs

A strong policy may also help with the legal costs if the other driver decides to sue. The other area of liability coverage would include property damage, whether it be another car, fencing, or a structure.

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