How Valet Parking Insurance Protects Your Business

Many hotels, restaurants, and similar institutions operate or contract for a valet service. This service is essential for smooth entrance to and exit from your business, and can be vital in reducing the pressure of traffic congestion on your front doors.

Naturally, valet parking contains risks, which can be amplified under tight driving conditions, or other pressures relevant to the job. Carrying comprehensive valet insurance will ensure you are protected for any valet parking liability that may arise in the course of business.

What Risks Exist When Using Valet Parking?

Driving always contains inherent risks, but certain hazards can be amplified by valet parkers. The necessity to work on a tight schedule, and often in cramped conditions, can create specific hazards — as can the need to operate widely varying vehicles.

Ensuring your valet staff is well-trained and competent with vehicles of varying type and size will reduce the risk of an accident. Additionally, hiring only employees with clear driving records, and sufficient experience, can both be immeasurably helpful.

A reputable insurer can help you take these steps to streamline the safety of your operation. Moreover, they can help design a suite of valet parking liability insurance that ensures that you are well-protected, in the event an accident or any damage does occur.

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