How Teachers Can Stay Protected in the Public School System

Being a teacher is undoubtedly one of the most important career decisions a person can make over the course of his or her life. Naturally, this is also a position that comes with a ton of risks. When you’re an educator who operates within the public school system, it is important to understand that you have specific rights in regard to your employment. Not only are there rights granted on a state-to-state level, there are also federal laws providing specific provisions to those who are teachers. Understanding your rights can help you stay protected at work.

The Freedom To Speak Your Mind

There are plenty of points to keep in mind surrounding teachers rights. For one, a teacher is allowed on a federal level to exercise his or her freedom of speech to discuss matters that impact the public with students. For example, a teacher is within his or her rights when a local or national election is approaching and the educator shares personal opinions with students. Should a school try to fire the individual for this, the teacher has every right to respond with legal action. Other points to understand include:

  • Freedom to choose any schools for your own children
  • Freedom to have privacy
  • Freedom to discuss the government

Understand Your Rights

By understanding what rights you have as an educator, you can do your part to operate in the correct way while at work. Take time to review the basics and discover exactly what rights you have in the workplace.

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