Good Website Design

Planning and maintaining an engaging insurance website design is important when you’re trying to differentiate your insurance operation from the competition. What some fail to realize is that the structure and aesthetics of your website play a key role in the success of your website because they work together to help increase the readability and flow of the content and ensure that readers will be interested in clicking through to read about what else you have to say—and sell.
Invest time to plan the purpose of the website so that virtually every aspect—from the domain registrar to the design, architecture, and site navigation—combines with the content to help convey and reinforce your message, as well as establish the personality of your firm as a brand.
For starters, examine subdomains. Most people have become accustomed to seeing the ubiquitous “www” at the beginning of a website, but make sure yours can function whether or not the prefix is typed in.
Top-level domains such as “.com,” “.net” and “.org” have become the most familiar for users and will thus be easier to recall, but it’s worthwhile to investigate the availability of these domains before committing to a particular brand name. Another common naming convention is the subdomain “m,” designating a mobile device, which is a less expensive alternative as the top-level demain “.mobi” yet just as familiar to users.

When a “.com” address that would be perfect for your firm is not available, don’t despair. Workarounds are available using imagination, but proceed with caution. Using dashes in the name of your domain (e.g., vs. should be avoided when possible, as this makes it harder for users to jot down or type in correctly. The same is true for increasingly popular domain hacks such as; while they offer an alternative to a basic “.com” address that someone staked out ages ago, it is much easier for people to make mistakes in typing in the address—meaning they might never find you. At times it may be possible to purchase an already-taken domain name (including the one you most want) in a domain auction.

Creating an effective insurance web design doesn’t happen overnight. For a truly professional end result, consult a professional who has experience in producing a site that is representative of what your firm offers and helps drive business to your door.

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