Expensive Tastes Need Special Insurance Protection

As an individual with means, you can afford just about anything—with assets in the millions, not counting your primary residence, you represent the top of the economic pyramid. It’s a simple fact that you will have certain, very particular needs for Connecticut high net worth insurance that go far beyond those of the average consumer, simply because of the sheer amount of your financial assets that are at risk, as well as the type and additional value of personal property that you have to protect.

For example, consider your home—or if you are like others with the amount of assets at your disposal, your homes. It’s common for individuals like yourself to have residences around the world, often built by prominent architects that utilize premium materials. Furthermore, these homes frequently contain priceless antiques, fine art, collectibles such as silver, coins, stamps, and other expensive items. Go into the master suite and you’re likely to find a Rolex, Cartier, or Patek Philippe watch on the carved black walnut nightstand. Enter the expansive walk-in closet and in the built-in jewelry case there may be sparkling Tiffany diamonds atop platinum bands, strings of black pearls, exquisite Australian fire opals, and other fine jewels.

Shift over into the six-car garage and in every bay, there may be an automotive legend—from a Tesla to a Ferrari, a BMW or Mercedes-Benz, or perhaps a vintage Rolls Royce. On the grounds there may be a poolhouse adjacent to the sparkling swimming pool, a tennis court, a regulation-size trampoline and batting cage for the children, and out back—a sailboat tied up at a private dock. All of these items are there for your enjoyment, but they also present exposures—either from a theft standpoint, or a liability standpoint. Either way, you will need to work with a professional insurance agent who has particular experience in advising clients who need Connecticut high net worth insurance to ensure you are protected, no matter what you own or where it is located. Call an agent today to learn more.

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