Dentist Professional Liability and Malpractice Suits

For anyone who is a practicing dentist, you may think you don’t really need to know that much about malpractice insurance. But many physicians have found out the hard way that, at a minimum, you should understand the insurance coverage you have, and what happens if a suit is filed against you.

You need to have the proper information to make sound decisions about choosing a carrier and negotiating policy options. Remember that you have a choice on the type of dentist professional liability policy to purchase.

Knowing the types of policies available

Professional liability insurance comes in two basic forms: occurrence or claims-made. In today’s insurance market, the overwhelming majority of policies available are claims-made, but a few companies do offer occurrence policies. Speak to an agent to determine which you are better suited for, how much coverage you need, and what steps to take if a claim is filed or an incident occurs.

Many insurers write on a claims-made form basis where a policy in effect at the time a claim is reported responds for the loss, regardless of when the error was made. The policy that was more popular in earlier times is occurrence-made which covers a loss that occurred during the policy period, regardless of when the claim was made. But this may be difficult to obtain.

In addition, discuss the amount of coverage you need to be adequately insured and how defense coverage works – whether it is part of the overall liability limit or separate amount. Check to see how that amount is.

When looking to secure Professional liability insurance, be sure you are working with an agent that not only has experience in covering dentist but also works with insurance carriers that specialized in this area. They will provide you with the right policy and the service you need in the event of a claim.

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