Cyber Insurance Policies Can Help Against These Attacks

You may have heard of people or businesses experiencing cyber attacks, but have you wondered why they happen? Surprisingly, anyone with any hint of knowledge about computers and the internet can turn to the dark side. Cybercriminals have as much to gain as political extremists and disgruntled ex-partners. Here are some attacks that cyber insurance policies can help guard against.

Stealing Customer Financial Data

What could be more tempting to a cyber criminal than the financial details of a wealthy individual? Financial institutions are just one of the targets in their sights, but other targets could be credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and online payment processors. Once a cyber criminal gets their grubby hands on your financial data, they can potentially extract your entire life savings.

Revenge Against Former Employers

Not all ex-employees leave with grace. Under undesirable circumstances, some ex-employees may take offense to their termination from a job, especially if they deem it an unfair cessation. In this case, they may seek retribution in the form of a cyber attack. The cyber attack can infiltrate company servers, steal employee information, or even delete important data.

Cyber attackers aren’t always after your money, so understanding their motives can help you choose a suitable policy for your organization.

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