Complications from a Dog Bite

Dogs can be like our best friends. They may feel like a part of our families, even. It can be easy to forget that dogs can lash out when under stress. If you find yourself a victim of a dog attack, it is important to follow through with medical care. 

Possible Infection

If left untreated, your dog bite could turn into an infection. Be sure you thoroughly clean the wound and bandage it. You should seek medical attention if the area won’t stop bleeding or leaks other fluids.

If you see tendons, bones, or ligaments exposed, you should seek medical assistance immediately. If they remain exposed, they could quickly cause systemic infection for your whole body. A doctor can treat the area and apply stitches to prevent infection.

Other Serious Medical Conditions

Do you know of the dog’s vaccination history? If the dog hasn’t had a rabies vaccine, you could be at risk of catching this disease. This disease affects the nervous system and can quickly turn fatal. Going to an emergency room can help you find treatment before serious risks take hold.

A dog attack is a serious matter. However, by taking the proper steps for treatment, you can move past this difficult encounter. 

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