Commercial Real Estate Insurance and Indoor Air Quality

Whether you are developing a new property or managing a current one you have a duty to provide good indoor air quality to your tenants. In situations where there is limited ventilation, indoor air quality is a necessary, but often forgotten, aspect of facility welfare that carries serious implications for the general health of its occupants.

If nothing is done to correct such issues, poor indoor air quality can aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems, which in turn could lead to legal problems. Tenants deserved to work in an environment where the air they breathe is healthy.

There are ways to reduce dirt and other contaminants

Striving for better indoor air quality, whether from molds, bad circulation of the airstream, or other causes should be one of your major concerns within a commercial establishment. Doing so can lead to less health troubles, more efficient facilities, and less maintenance of ventilation systems. Taking measures to improve the air can save you both, money, and the headaches that can come with serious litigation issues.

There are several ways to promote improved air quality indoors. One of the simplest ways to achieve this goal is to install floor mats, which would trap debris securely, preventing and containing dirt and allergens from entering the building’s ventilation systems. By so doing, those employed at the facility will be healthier, which is vital to the businesses operating in your building. Employee health is positively correlated with satisfaction, productivity, and overall performance.

Without taking the right precautions, consider if individuals begin to feel sick because of issues stemming from the building’s air; or if everyone in the building is vacated due to poor indoor air quality. The loss of revenues could be devastating to you.

In addition implementing effective loss control measures, the proper commercial real estate insurance provides coverage when issues arise. That means securing Pollution Liability or Environmental Liability Insurance as part of your Commercial Real Estate insurance program. This will provide coverage in the event someone sues claiming that the building where they work contains contaminated air. Be sure to check that you have this coverage, as typically the Commercial General Liability policy includes environmental liability risks.

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