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3 Ways to Improve Insurance SEO

Insurance SEO

The insurance industry is highly competitive and growing all the time. Insurance SEO puts your business in front of people searching for the services you offer.

Name, Address and Phone Number

Online citations of your company’s name, address and phone number play an essential role in local search. It is vital to ensure that all sources of this information are accurate and consistent. Inconsistency creates confusion for the search engine, making your website less credible in the ranking algorithm. This mistake pushes your listing lower in the search results. Some options for building local citations include Google My Business, Yelp and Bing Places.


An effective insurance SEO technique is the process of link-building. Backlinks are crucial for new businesses trying to generate traffic to their website. This process involves other websites or blogs linking to your website. Arranging a link exchange with other relevant companies helps build credibility for your websites, increasing your search rank.


Content development with targeted, properly placed keywords helps a website grow. Posts should be interesting, helpful and relevant to potential and existing clients. Online content should also contain keywords based on industry research.

High-quality material posted about your services needs to present unique insights into the insurance industry that separates you from competitors. Effective insurance SEO techniques result in qualified leads and conversions.