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Tips for Hiring the Right Recruiters

Right Recruiters

A company is only as strong as the people chosen to do the work. This is why it’s particularly important that you have the best staffing team you can possibly have. Hiring the right recruiters for your company improves your company’s overall success and limits liability risks.


The people who are the best at building a strong staff are those who understand the industry and each employee’s place in it. Recruiters should demonstrate knowledge in three basic areas:

  • History of your field
  • Current trends
  • Your company’s culture

All three levels of information are necessary to be an effective staffer. Extensive knowledge helps recruiters find people who are a good fit for your organization.


A great staffing team is one that is enthusiastic about the job. You want people who speak on your behalf to be passionate about what you do. Find people who believe in your company’s vision and can represent you well with prospective employees.


Good recruiters build connections. They know how to network and foster solid relationships to bring talented individuals to your company. Your staffing team should be comprised of people who demonstrate a genuine interest in getting to know the unique needs and skills of each person.

Great employees make great companies. Work with recruiters who can help you build a strong staff.

Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

insurance for architects

Architects are charged with many important responsibilities in designing and remodeling properties. Owners, developers, and contractors rely on architects’ guidance in determining how to undertake and complete projects. A mistake can result in costly delays, change orders, or property damage. Architects need to take active steps to protect themselves from liability relating to errors or omissions made in the design process.

Understanding the Importance of Coverage

Architect liability can extend to property managers, developers, owners, and even engineers and contractors. In the event that one or more of these parties makes a claim against an individual architect or an architectural firm, there could be costly legal fees and damages. Professional liability coverage will help to address these expenses and safeguard their business.

Coverage as a Prerequisite to Contracts

Many developers or property owners can’t begin a contract with an individual or firm that doesn’t have adequate professional liability insurance. Not having any coverage or not having sufficient coverage levels could ostensibly cause an architect to miss out on important business development opportunities.

Even in the absence of any type of negligence, architects could potentially face claims resulting from their work. It’s advisable to work with an insurer who is experienced in serving clients in the field of architecture to obtain affordable financial protection from liability in the event of a claim or litigation.

What Does Sexual Misconduct Insurance Cover?

misconduct insurance cover

While it is normal to assume the best of your employees, you must always prepare for the worst-case scenarios. One of these potential situations you must consider is an employee’s sexual misconduct. This reprehensible act harms your employees and your company. Protect your business by using the coverage areas offered by sexual misconduct liability insurance.

Incident Investigation

Once a claim is made, an investigation is necessary for multiple reasons. It determines who is at fault, the extent of the damage, future prevention measures and other useful information. Your insurance can cover the financial and resource costs that go into the process to encourage an effective investigation.

Behavioral Training

It is crucial to not only handle a sexual misconduct claim correctly but also prevent any future cases. As such, several insurance providers include employee training that teaches appropriate workplace behavior. This coverage helps you create a safer workplace for your staff. Source: World Wide Specialty Programs

Reputation Risk and Crisis Management

The news of an incident can negatively impact your reputation and your business. You can avoid financial loss by using reputation risk coverage to recover from the said impact. Additionally, a crisis management program allows you to hire a public relations firm to respond to the situation.

Sexual misconduct is a serious matter that endangers your crew and threatens your business. Specialized liability insurance can account for multiple needs following a claim.

Safeguard Your Intermediate Care Facility With Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Insurance Policy

An intermediate care facility (ICF) is a specialized long-term healthcare provider that provides living assistance and non-continuous nursing services, generally for those with mental disabilities or whose health is in decline. Source: Highland Risk. The insurance needs of an ICF intersect those of other healthcare facilities, though the risk profile can differ significantly. When seeking appropriate coverage, working with agents who understand the specialized needs of this industry is crucial.

Liability Insurance

Whether you operate a nonprofit or profit business, you will require professional and general liability coverages that offer a range of plan options to fit your company’s risk profile.

Property Insurance

Your company’s physical property is the lifeline for the individuals you serve and, indeed, for your business. You need a sufficient policy that provides for damages, losses and temporary interruptions to service.

Commercial Auto Insurance

A commercial auto policy is necessary to protect your fleet of vehicles, from busses to company cars. You will require a plan that can protect your business from liability claims as well as damage or loss due to accidents.

EPL Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance will protect your organization against losses from employee claims of wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment.

Running a successful intermediate care facility requires strong risk management plans, which include adequate insurance policies that are tailored to the industry’s unique needs. Your organization provides a valuable service. You want to protect your business so that you can continue to serve your clients.

Benefits That Come from Outsourcing Your HR Function

Human resources is an essential function in any organization, including small businesses. But employing a dedicated HR resource might be costly for a small business. Many companies find that outsourcing HR is the perfect solution for many reasons.

HR administration

An HR department administers a wide array of policies and functions that can be very time consuming and requires expertise. One of the key benefits of outsourcing HR is the help they provide in managing all HR-related functions.

Legal issues

Many companies find themselves party to a lawsuit that is related to an HR issue around compliance. These complaints can prove costly for a company. Outsourcing HR can provide a business with a team of HR consultants and employment attorneys to help with employment practices and compliance. Source:

Rules and regulations

The rules and regulations are constantly changing and oftentimes the human resources function in a small business is already understaffed and overworked. Keeping up with the nuances of the regulations and how they affect the business is an ongoing task that can leave a company open to risk if not managed constantly.

These are just several of the benefits a small business can realize by outsourcing HR. Management can then be free to do what they do best – growing the business.

Understanding How Temporary Workers Are Used

Temporary Worker

Temporary staffing firms specialize in providing workers for a select period of time to various companies. When deciding if a temp worker classification is correct, here are some of the factors to keep in mind. Knowing what qualifies as a temp worker is important since this could prevent a lawsuit and save the company money.

Know The Basic Requirements for Temporary Workers

According to, a temporary worker is someone who is contracted to work for a company for usually no more than a year. This can depend if another contract is extended or not. It is also acceptable for temporary workers to work for more than one agency at a time if they so choose.

Why Temporary Staffing Firms Are Popular

Staffing firms that provide temporary workers are popular because they allow companies to find skilled and qualified individuals to get the job done. Many of these workers will not get benefits from the company, which allows corporations to save money unless they feel it would be in their best interests to bring the workers on.

There are many benefits to hiring temporary workers, although it is crucial to know what the temp worker classification is. This can help staffing agencies and companies alike avoid potential lawsuits and other problems.

Lessors Risk Insurance

LRO insurance

Lessors Risk Insurance

The last thing you want is for your rental property to become a financial burden; but if someone steals from your lessee, you could be financially responsible. To avoid this type of disastrous situation, it is a good idea for all landlords to obtain lessors risk or LRO insurance. This type of policy protects you from liability in case something happens to your tenant’s property.


Specific regulations may vary from state to state, but the following are some general requirements of LRO policyholders:

  • Own a property that you lease to others
  • Rent out at least 75% of the area within the building
  • Keep up with regular maintenance
  • Modernize any outdated electrical or plumbing systems
  • Fix roof or siding damage

Types of Rental Properties

Many kinds of rental properties can be covered by LRO. Here are a few of them:

  • Laundromats and dry cleaners
  • Restaurants
  • Office spaces
  • Shopping centers
  • Warehouses
  • Convenience stores


Types of loss usually covered include:

  • Theft
  • Damage by natural causes
  • Vandalism
  • Loss of tenant’s customers’ property
  • Bodily harm

According to, niche markets can experience unique situations not encountered by more traditional businesses, and some of these situations no doubt arise between landlord and tenant. You can protect your investment from your tenants’ potential misfortunes with LRO insurance.

Coverage for Fossil Fuel Vendors of All Kinds

Fossil Fuel Vendors

It stands to reason that gas station insurance coverage goes beyond that offered to stand-alone convenience stores without fueling stations. After all, dealing with petrochemicals all day creates risks that have to be managed apart from the business insurance concerns that regularly go with retail. You won’t find many investors who miss that. So, are you taking the same approach toward insurance for your propane dispensing business? Whether you distribute gas throughout the area or you’re just selling tank refills to help campers and barbecue enthusiasts passing through your store, propane dealers insurance is vital to your overall insurance plan.

Risks Associated With Fuel Dispensation

Since the risks associated with dispensing propane, fuel oil, and other fossil fuels traditionally associated with heating and home cooking are fairly common across the board, it makes sense to look at experts like who make it their business to cover companies with those needs. They not only know enough about the industry to give you robust coverage that suits all fuel dispensing businesses, but they also have the depth of experience in the field to adapt your coverage to suit the particulars of your operation, no matter how major or minor a part of your business your propane sales happen to be. Do your research today, and get the coverage you need to round out your business insurance portfolio.

Going Beyond Basic Coverage

Professional Liability Coverage

Operating a business is much more than just marketing to the right customers. It takes smart planning moves like having the right level of insurance for your industry. One important insurance policy you may require is called errors and omissions coverage. With this kind of policy, you can better prepare yourself in case of an expensive legal case.

What Makes This Coverage So Special?

E&O coverage extends beyond the realm of basic liability coverage like a general liability. The experts at state that general liability does not necessarily cover the kinds of risks and consequences that are involved with alleged negligence and errors. See, errors and omissions coverage comes into play when a client believes an error or negligence occurred with the services you offered. This protection is usually not offered under the terms of general liability.

What Kind of Professional Requires This Insurance?

Many different types of professionals can find this insurance beneficial. For example, healthcare professionals may find this policy beneficial in case a patient places legal action against your office for scheduling an appointment at the wrong time. Accountants, lawyers, and tax professionals would also be wise in investing in this insurance. Financial investors, planners, and even other insurance brokers frequently purchase this insurance in order to be financially ready for a potential lawsuit.

What is a Stock Throughput Policy?

D&G Sayles Insurance

If you have a business that manufactures, distributes, imports or exports products then you should understand what a stock throughput policy entails. A stock throughput or STP policy is an all-inclusive type of coverage that offers protection during the entire supply-chain cycle and even takes gaps of coverage into account.

From raw materials to finished products, a stock throughput policy is designed to cover your inventory throughout production, storage, transit, and delivery. During the production and overall flow of goods, there are countless ways a product can be damaged or lost. That is why securing stock throughput coverage through an experienced company like D&G Sayles Insurance, is an ideal way to protect your investment. With this type of marine insurance, you can rest assured knowing that your goods are covered from start to finish.

STP’s commonly come with low deductibles and high limits making them a cost-friendly choice for companies looking to lower overhead costs and improve administration and operating costs. Partner with a reputable company and ensure you are getting the most competitive price in the market.

Rather than dealing with the hassle of carrying multiple types of coverage for each phase of your product’s life cycle, consider the advantages of one comprehensive stock throughput policy. Get the coverage you need from the raw material stage to the final delivery of your product.