2014 Brazil World CupBrazil Sets the Stage for the Next World Cup of Goals

Every four years, the world gravitates to their television sets, gathers around in bars and cafes, and for some, travel to the host country to experience first-hand the thrill of victory as their teams make their way to FIFA World Cup. In 2014, Brazil will be hosting the global soccer event and it’s set to be a spectacle on and off the pitch (field).

Brazil has hosted the World Cup once before in the tournament’s history, and that was back in 1950, the first World Cup since the end of WWII. For the 1950 tournament, Brazil had build the world’s largest stadium and lost to Uruguay before 200,000 stunned spectators, with Sweden coming in third and Spain fourth. There were a total of 88 goals scored during that World Cup, which was played from June 24-July 16. Brazil’s leading star attackers at that time included Zizinho, Ademir, and Friaca. Uruguay’s stars were captain Obdulio Varela and his teammates Gigghia and Schiaffino.

But don’t despair: Although Brazil lost in 1950, it has won more FIFA World Cup titles than any other nation, with five trophies: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Now Brazil is preparing for the sixth win. For the 2014 World Cup, which will take place June 12-July 14, the blue-and-yellow-clad players of Brazil are preparing to give us some more memorable moments, playing the game with a style and rhythm that no other nation emulates.

But before the World Cup, Brazil will be hosting the FIFA Federations Cup in 2013. And, to date, according to their government figures, 546,000 tickets have already been sold. This tournament is taking place June 15-30 in six stadiums. The opening match will be Brazil against Japan in Brasilia.