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How Occupational Accident Policies Protect Your Workers

Occupational Accident Policies

A comprehensive insurance plan is critical when it comes to keeping your workers safe. Workers’ compensation policies, for example, help provide coverage for lost wages and similar expenses that are incurred after an employee has taken ill or become injured on the job. While this is a standard policy, it is not the only option available to business owners. In states like Oklahoma and Texas, employers can select a different plan when opting out of the traditional compensation plan. Understanding each option can help you pick the right choice for your needs.

Policy Benefits and Options

To understand the benefits of occupational accident policies, it helps to understand how it differs from workers’ compensation packages. For one, there is more control with occupational policies. Instead of having these factors determined for you, an accident policy allows you to choose the limit of liability, assumed deductible, and level of death benefit. This helps you budget better with your insurance without sacrificing quality along the way. In this arrangement, you assume part of the risk and your policy will cover the difference. You will also be able to select from an array of policy options including:

  • Temporary or permanent total disability
  • Chiropractic benefit options
  • Accidental dismemberment
  • Passenger accident benefit

Selecting the best insurance plan takes time and research. Weigh out the pros and cons to determine which option will allow your business the chance to thrive.

Unique Industries Require Specific Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans

Some fields offer more risks than others when it comes to insurance. Usually, a company’s particular plan will be decided based upon certain key factors related to the industry that the business operates within. When it comes to organizations that deal with sanitation concerns, such as sewer lines or portable restrooms, matters can become a bit more complicated. Knowing what to expect from your industry can help you determine which policy makes the most sense for your future.

Avoid Frustrating Fees

Understanding portable sanitation coverages and policies is not difficult. Working with an insurance provider that understands the demands of your industry can be a huge help. The inherent set of risks present in your field will be addressed from the beginning when you work with the right insurer. Some agencies attempt to place co-insurance costs on portable devices like toilets, but this is not always the case. It is important to find a provider who does not charge you ridiculous fees for a basic service. Additional points to consider include:

Find Experienced Professionals

You know your industry better than anyone. In order for you to find the right insurance, you need to look for professionals who have had plenty of experience in protecting businesses like yours. Do research to find the most appropriate fit for your organization.

Tips for Hiring the Right Recruiters

Right Recruiters

A company is only as strong as the people chosen to do the work. This is why it’s particularly important that you have the best staffing team you can possibly have. Hiring the right recruiters for your company improves your company’s overall success and limits liability risks.


The people who are the best at building a strong staff are those who understand the industry and each employee’s place in it. Recruiters should demonstrate knowledge in three basic areas:

  • History of your field
  • Current trends
  • Your company’s culture

All three levels of information are necessary to be an effective staffer. Extensive knowledge helps recruiters find people who are a good fit for your organization.


A great staffing team is one that is enthusiastic about the job. You want people who speak on your behalf to be passionate about what you do. Find people who believe in your company’s vision and can represent you well with prospective employees.


Good recruiters build connections. They know how to network and foster solid relationships to bring talented individuals to your company. Your staffing team should be comprised of people who demonstrate a genuine interest in getting to know the unique needs and skills of each person.

Great employees make great companies. Work with recruiters who can help you build a strong staff.

Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

insurance for architects

Architects are charged with many important responsibilities in designing and remodeling properties. Owners, developers, and contractors rely on architects’ guidance in determining how to undertake and complete projects. A mistake can result in costly delays, change orders, or property damage. Architects need to take active steps to protect themselves from liability relating to errors or omissions made in the design process.

Understanding the Importance of Coverage

Architect liability can extend to property managers, developers, owners, and even engineers and contractors. In the event that one or more of these parties makes a claim against an individual architect or an architectural firm, there could be costly legal fees and damages. Professional liability coverage will help to address these expenses and safeguard their business.

Coverage as a Prerequisite to Contracts

Many developers or property owners can’t begin a contract with an individual or firm that doesn’t have adequate professional liability insurance. Not having any coverage or not having sufficient coverage levels could ostensibly cause an architect to miss out on important business development opportunities.

Even in the absence of any type of negligence, architects could potentially face claims resulting from their work. It’s advisable to work with an insurer who is experienced in serving clients in the field of architecture to obtain affordable financial protection from liability in the event of a claim or litigation.

What Are the Potential Liabilities of Summer Fun

watercraft liability

Summer is a perfect opportunity for people to participate in fun seasonal activities. However, there are hazards that endanger the participants, property and third parties. The business owners involved in summer entertainment need to look for possible summer fun liabilities. 

Equipment Rental 

People rent vehicles and other equipment for recreational purposes, from ATVs to boats. While using them can be exciting, there are also potential risks. The owners of these vehicles can be held responsible for any injuries or destruction resulting from these recreational activities. They can either add land or watercraft liability to their general liability coverage or obtain a specialized plan. 

Alcohol Consumption 

Summer social events and parties for adults may sell and distribute alcohol products. Their consumption can lead to harmful incidents such as fighting, vandalism and car accidents. Venue owners that sell alcohol can be held liable for any injuries, casualties and damages connected to alcohol use. Specialized insurance can mitigate the financial impact, and preventative measures can keep patrons safe.  

Summer Camps

Summer camps for children and teens feature potentially hazardous activities, such as horseback riding, sports and swimming. Since the operators are looking after children, they can be held liable for any incidents. Proper safety education, strict hiring and insurance coverage can prevent these incidents or reduce their harm. 

Recreation facility and equipment owners will have increased business during the summer but also greater risks. Proper awareness of these exposures and the right coverage can protect these businesses throughout the season. 

3 Things Your Small Business Needs Today

Small Business

Owning and operating a small business comes with a lot of responsibility. You are responsible for deadlines, working with vendors, reinvesting capital and of course, liabilities. If you’re just starting out, you have a lot to learn along the road to success. Here are three areas that can help get you ahead.

  1. BOP Insurance

Business owners insurance is essential for small businesses that can’t afford the risk of liabilities. Everything from your building to your employees presents a liability risk. A BOP policy can be tailored to fit the needs of your business, including property and general liability coverage.

  1. Marketing Strategy

You don’t need a marketing department to have a marketing strategy. You can start out simple with a webpage and social media accounts. The key is to update often, and also purchase advertising. Social media platforms offer an affordable way to complete with companies much larger than your own.

  1. Business Plan

If you didn’t create a business plan when you started your business, start making one now. This will help you set clear goals and milestones for growth. You should review your plan often and revise it as often as needed. Studies have shown that writing down your goals makes it more likely you will reach them.

Professional Insurance for Marine Surveyors

Marine Surveyors

As a surveyor of marine vessels, your reputation and the quality of your work are of utmost importance, because boat buyers rely on your assessment to know the facts about the investment they are about to make. From maintenance issues and necessary equipment overhauls to market value, the information they get from you plays a major role in their decision to make an investment or to let a deal fall through. If you work with commercial customers who regularly buy and sell vessels, it can even be the basis of professional relationships that provide for a lot of your repeat business. That’s why you need professional liability insurance that will protect you and your customers in the event of a problem that you bear some liability for.

Industry-Specific Professional Insurance

Professional liability insurance is at its most useful when it is crafted to suit a specific industry, rather than trying to generalize risks. That means your best policies will be from marine surveyor insurance providers with a history of providing for the industry. It’s especially helpful if they have experience with both surveyors and also several other types of marine business because it shows they understand both your business model and that of your likely commercial clients. The more your insurer understands about how your industry works, the more useful, specific, and cost-effective their policies can be.

What Are Blanket Bonds? How Do They Work?

Blanket Bonds

Financial businesses are among the many industries that use bonds as risk management tools, especially banks. Between investment bankers with fiduciary duties to clients and company shareholders alike to honesty bonds against employee bad faith, there is a variety to choose from, and finding the right fit for a bank or another lending institution can be a bit difficult. That’s where blanket bonds come in. If your bank or credit union looks like it might need several bonds to protect against customer loss due to bad faith actions by an employee, you can also opt for a blanket bond that is written with wide-reaching provisions to cover all your risk management bond needs, without the trouble of balancing several specific bonds that each handle a different kind of risk exposure.

Limitations To Blanket Bonds

While these bonds are very broad in their coverage, they are not all-purpose risk aversion tools. That means they don’t replace your regular insurance policies, they simply protect the customers and institution from theft, embezzlement, and other material losses related to employee misconduct. They also don’t provide identity theft protection on their own, which means you might need another kind of coverage to handle that risk if it isn’t already folded into one of your liability policies. What they can do, however, is simplify your bond management so your entire coverage portfolio is easier to handle.

What Does Sexual Misconduct Insurance Cover?

misconduct insurance cover

While it is normal to assume the best of your employees, you must always prepare for the worst-case scenarios. One of these potential situations you must consider is an employee’s sexual misconduct. This reprehensible act harms your employees and your company. Protect your business by using the coverage areas offered by sexual misconduct liability insurance.

Incident Investigation

Once a claim is made, an investigation is necessary for multiple reasons. It determines who is at fault, the extent of the damage, future prevention measures and other useful information. Your insurance can cover the financial and resource costs that go into the process to encourage an effective investigation.

Behavioral Training

It is crucial to not only handle a sexual misconduct claim correctly but also prevent any future cases. As such, several insurance providers include employee training that teaches appropriate workplace behavior. This coverage helps you create a safer workplace for your staff. Source: World Wide Specialty Programs

Reputation Risk and Crisis Management

The news of an incident can negatively impact your reputation and your business. You can avoid financial loss by using reputation risk coverage to recover from the said impact. Additionally, a crisis management program allows you to hire a public relations firm to respond to the situation.

Sexual misconduct is a serious matter that endangers your crew and threatens your business. Specialized liability insurance can account for multiple needs following a claim.

7 Challenges in Wholesale Operations

Wholesale Operations

Retail stores face considerable risk when dealing with inventory and purchasing. Wholesalers have similar challenges, and the risks in distribution business can put a company out of business if they aren’t prepared. In addition to carrying a comprehensive insurance policy, the team at HILB Group of Florida recommends being aware of the risks in order to form a sound risk management strategy.

Distribution Risks

  1. Property Damage- inventory damage could interrupt your supply to your customers
  2. Supply Shortage- without an ability to stock your inventory you struggle to sell
  3. Product Liability- liability for the sale of a product determined to be unsafe or defective
  4. Legal Penalties- contract fulfillment concerns when accidents or shortages occur
  5. Theft- responsibility for stolen goods by employees or while during transport to retailer locations
  6. Equipment Failure- product damage due to failed transport trucks, cooling systems, heating or freezing equipment
  7. Incident Tracking- lost data due to misplaced or inefficient data tracking and analysis

Finding Coverage

These claims may have some obvious risks attached, but there are also concerns that will be specific to your distribution business. You can mitigate risk through a management strategy, but you can also have a strong defense with a comprehensive insurance plan in place. Promote best practices throughout your company, but also meet with an insurance agent to discuss your coverage options.