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Bar Insurance Programs: Insuring A Good Time

Going to the bar can be the perfect salve for a broken heart or a stressful business deal. Bars offer the space to go it alone, mulling over your worries with a quick drink on the way home from the office, or alternatively, to hit the town with a few of your closest friends. No matter why or with whom you choose to drink, there’s no denying the pull of a bar when life gets stressful. This does, however, emphasize the importance of comprehensive bar insurance programs.

Why Do Bars Need Insurance?

Any time you combine alcohol and the public, it’s a good idea to make sure everything and everyone involved is as insured as possible. This is especially true for bars, as they often serve patrons who, unbeknownst to them, drive home and pose a threat to more than just the bar’s patrons.

What Policies Are Best?

The type of insurance policies that work best for any given bar will vary on a case-by-case basis, but some policies are essential for any establishment that serves alcohol. General liability, workers’ compensation, and liquor liability are some of the most important, as they reimburse or cover the costs of resulting legal fees, medical bills, and lost wages.

Adequate insurance coverage is a necessity for any business that serves alcohol, even if they only do so on certain occasions. Fortunately, bar insurance programs are flexible and customizable, ensuring that all bars can focus less on insurance and more on customer service.

Western Truck_Plan Meals To Stay Healthy on the Road

Meal prepping is a must for staying healthy out on the road. By taking control of portion sizes and making sure you eat balanced meals, you may have more energy and fewer health problems. If you do not know where to get started, try out these tips.


Plan Before Hitting the Road

The secret to meal prep for truck drivers is planning. It will be easier to follow your meal prep plan if everything is ready before you leave. Choose items that will keep well in the truck. It might also help to portion everything out before you go.


Pack Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Falling into the routine of eating high-calorie low-quality food on the road may seem convenient at first. However, eating that kind of food too often can lead to health problems down the road. Make sure that your plan contains plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are affordable and healthy. Fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be cut make for great snacks too!


A excellent way to stay healthy while on the road is to plan out your meals ahead of time. Store prepared meals in the fridge or freezer of your truck and reheat them instead of stressing about eating healthy or making food on the road.

How To Reduce Manufacturing Business Risks Through a Safety Plan

Business owners in the manufacturing industry must remain mindful of the many risks posed by daily operations. Part of this is learning to plan in advance for possible problems in order to mitigate your losses. With companies centered around manufacturing operations, you absolutely want to create a safety plan that you and your employees follow on a regular basis. Take a look at these suggestions and put together a strategy that helps your business stay safe.

Put Together a Plan

The first point to consider with your plan is how to address the most common manufacturing business risks. Pinpoint the biggest threats to the safety of your employees and start to work out practices that help to best protect workers from harm. Managing risks can be difficult, as problems can change and evolve over time. Say mindful of factors like the age of equipment or the impact of weather conditions on facilities to ensure your plan is comprehensive. Other points to remain mindful of can include:

  • Providing workers with educational materials
  • Assessing risk management strategy annually
  • Use analytics to measure your progress

Protect Your Workers

By creating a plan in advance, you give yourself the opportunity to reduce the odds of a problem causing major issues for your business. Develop a strategy that covers all the biggest risks in manufacturing and see how it can protect your workers and your assets.

What Does Boat Builder Insurance Cover?

Commercial marine businesses face unique risks, a reality that certainly extends to the field of boat building. Boat builders must take into account the standard water-adjacent risks — severe weather and natural disasters, cybercrime, proximity to heavy machinery — as well as others unique to the construction industry. Carrying comprehensive boat builder insurance will ensure that your operations can proceed smoothly without overdue concern for financial loss, particularly in the event of an accident or injury.

What Makes Boat Builder Insurance Unique?

Boat builder insurance will take into account the diversity of hazards faced in the boat building industry, from the start of construction to its end, and everything in between. This may include the following:

  • Property coverage, protecting commercial property and equipment, tools, income, inventory, and anything else
  • Liability coverage, covering hazards unique to the boat building industry, such as hull coverage, commercial automobile coverage, ship repairers’ coverage, and pollution liability coverage
  • Coverage for workers, including workers’ compensation, health insurance (if applicable), and relevant legally-mandated coverage

Boat building is a distinct art, and is both time and labor-intensive. Developing a policy of comprehensive coverage will ensure the construction process is safe, and that your business can focus on filling client orders while knowing that you are well-protected in the event of an accident.

Top 2 Tips for Boating at Night

There’s nothing like a sunny day on the water, but boating at night has its own special charm and appeal. The moon and stars shining overhead, the gentle rocking of the boat, and the wisp of clouds outlined by starlight are all part of the appeal.

Without the visibility provided by daylight, however, there are certain rules that should always be observed when you’re out on the lake or ocean at nighttime. Boating at night can be dangerous, but being cautious and following safety protocols is always the best practice.

1. Keep the Lights On

First and foremost, always remember that your running lights must be operating when you’re in the water at night. The red (port) and green (starboard) running lights should be easily visible and without obstruction (make sure anchor lights are on when you are moored). And since other boats in the water might mistake cabin lights for navigation lights, keep things dim after dark.

2. Slow Down

In most lakes, and in some places near marinas, a speed limit at night is often recommended, if not totally enforced. Mind your speed whenever you’re out boating, but particularly at night. Going too fast could result in a costly collision, or worse, the total loss of your vessel.

Always take it slow and keep safe in the dark of night!

Do I Have to Use FMLA for Workers Comp?

When employees are injured on the job and know their recovery will take time, they often approach human resources to find out whether they are covered by Workers Compensation insurance or must instead take a leave of absence under the Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. It’s not a surprise that some organizations ask themselves the same thing.

The short answer is no, injured employees do not need to take FMLA for Workers Comp if they are eligible for Workers Compensation. They may want to, however.

Differences Between FMLA and Workers Compensation

There are a few big differences between FMLA, a federal law, and Workers Compensation, an insurance program typically run by each state. To begin, FMLA is available to any employee who develops a serious health condition, while Workers Compensation is only available to employees injured while working.

Benefits differ between the two, as well. Workers Comp pays for medical bills related to the injury and provides two-thirds of an employee’s salary. FMLA is unpaid leave, but it does protect an employee’s job by federal law. Workers Comp does not guarantee employment.

For that reason, employees eligible for Workers Comp may want to consider also taking FMLA at the same time. If they can take both, FMLA will protect their job while Workers Compensation will provide income.

How Teachers Can Stay Protected in the Public School System

Being a teacher is undoubtedly one of the most important career decisions a person can make over the course of his or her life. Naturally, this is also a position that comes with a ton of risks. When you’re an educator who operates within the public school system, it is important to understand that you have specific rights in regard to your employment. Not only are there rights granted on a state-to-state level, there are also federal laws providing specific provisions to those who are teachers. Understanding your rights can help you stay protected at work.

The Freedom To Speak Your Mind

There are plenty of points to keep in mind surrounding teachers rights. For one, a teacher is allowed on a federal level to exercise his or her freedom of speech to discuss matters that impact the public with students. For example, a teacher is within his or her rights when a local or national election is approaching and the educator shares personal opinions with students. Should a school try to fire the individual for this, the teacher has every right to respond with legal action. Other points to understand include:

  • Freedom to choose any schools for your own children
  • Freedom to have privacy
  • Freedom to discuss the government

Understand Your Rights

By understanding what rights you have as an educator, you can do your part to operate in the correct way while at work. Take time to review the basics and discover exactly what rights you have in the workplace.

3 Things Companies Should Learn About EBL Coverage

Every employer is expected to offer benefits to its employees. The contents and administration of an employee benefits plan can be a sensitive matter, and it’s common for serious issues to arise. Companies need employee benefits liability coverage in their insurance program to protect against the financial risk of potential error in regards to employee benefits. There are a few things that business owners should know about the scope of EBL coverage.

1. EBL Covers Administration Incidents

The purpose of EBL coverage is to protect against errors or omissions that occur when an employer administers benefits. The insurer will pay for the benefits that were mistakenly omitted as a result of employer error.

2. EBL Does not Cover Fiduciary Liability

Employee benefits liability coverage and fiduciary liability are often mistakenly referred to interchangeably. In actuality, fiduciary liability coverage encompasses a broader scope of potential incidents and may be the more appropriate coverage option for some businesses.

3. EBL Covers Uncommon Claim Situations

Companies will often opt for EBL coverage on the grounds that it is an affordable coverage plan that seems to provide adequate protection. However, many of the most common claims that arise in relation to employee benefit programs are not covered under the narrow umbrella of a standard employee benefits liability plan.

EBL coverage serves to protect a company and its assets in the event of human error that can occur when administering employee benefits. As with any insurance plan, though, companies should carefully consider if it is the best option.

How Valet Parking Insurance Protects Your Business

Many hotels, restaurants, and similar institutions operate or contract for a valet service. This service is essential for smooth entrance to and exit from your business, and can be vital in reducing the pressure of traffic congestion on your front doors.

Naturally, valet parking contains risks, which can be amplified under tight driving conditions, or other pressures relevant to the job. Carrying comprehensive valet insurance will ensure you are protected for any valet parking liability that may arise in the course of business.

What Risks Exist When Using Valet Parking?

Driving always contains inherent risks, but certain hazards can be amplified by valet parkers. The necessity to work on a tight schedule, and often in cramped conditions, can create specific hazards — as can the need to operate widely varying vehicles.

Ensuring your valet staff is well-trained and competent with vehicles of varying type and size will reduce the risk of an accident. Additionally, hiring only employees with clear driving records, and sufficient experience, can both be immeasurably helpful.

A reputable insurer can help you take these steps to streamline the safety of your operation. Moreover, they can help design a suite of valet parking liability insurance that ensures that you are well-protected, in the event an accident or any damage does occur.

Develop a Tighter Strategy for Managing Risks and Insurance Costs

For business owners, balancing the demands of the marketplace with the rising costs of keeping a company afloat can be a headache. This is usually the case when it comes to decisions like selecting appropriate insurance. Part of the process of finding sensible insurance coverage is taking a look at the risks of your industry and finding a policy that covers all potential threats. While the traditional arrangement involves the insurance provider assuming the costs of the risks that impact your brand, you may find that retaining the risks is more beneficial to your budget.

Understanding Risk Retention

Part of sensible retention risk management is understanding when to use alternative decisions to the benefit of your business. While it might seem like retaining the losses of your risks and paying out of pocket is a bad financial choice, this is not always the case. When your insurance plan costs more than the losses you will suffer, then it actually makes more sense to retain the risks. It is important not to make this decision in haste. Sit down and weigh out the pros and cons, factoring in points like:

  • Estimated cost of paying for possible losses
  • Risks unable to be insured by standard policies
  • How severe the potential risks might be

Gain More Insight

Understanding risk retention can provide you with greater insight on how to pick insurance that helps you keep your budget balanced. Review the ins and outs of retention to see if it is the most practical fit for your company.