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What Is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo Insurance

Companies that transport cargo are responsible for ensuring that it reaches its destination undamaged. Any type of accident or mechanical malfunction could end up in a transport vehicle damaging or losing the entirety of its cargo. In this type of event, cargo insurance offers indispensable financial protection.

Do All Carriers Need Cargo Insurance?

Failing to have adequate cargo insurance coverage can result in costly liability to a shipper. Even if a company is transporting its own goods, it should still insure them. Not only will it be faced with a considerable internal loss, but it may also be in breach of contract to whomever the goods were being delivered. For these reasons, it’s important that all motor carriers obtain cargo insurance.

How Affordable Is Cargo Insurance?

The cost of a policy will depend heavily on the value of the cargo, the number of vehicles transporting it, and the distance that it is being transported. Working with an insurance provider that is experienced in serving clients in the trucking industry will give you access to the most competitively priced carriers.

What Coverage Options Are Available?

Cargo insurance companies offer policies that are based on a scheduled vehicle basis or according to your total revenue. They can also provide coverage for goods while they are being stored in a warehouse.


Why Does my Business Need Marketing Performance Management?

Marketing Performance Management

The goal of marketing performance management is to ensure the effectiveness of marketing while increasing the bottom line.

The process involves three main parts:

  • Planning and implementing systems with the primary objective of achieving your company’s goals
  • Analyzing and measuring marketing efforts as related to revenue
  • Predicting effective strategies that help you make informed marketing decisions

Align Marketing Strategy With Revenue Goals

There are many steps involved in maximizing the return of marketing efforts. Successful marketing performance management is crucial to your ability to attain your business goals. It will enable you to:

  • Determine budgets that optimize ROI.
  • Adjust spending according to the performance of each campaign.
  • Consider customer acquisition costs.
  • Assess how long the sales funnel process takes.

Analyze Data to Gain Insights

Staying on top of the analytics of your marketing efforts will help you optimize programs for the best possible return. Metrics will allow you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Identifying effective campaigns will give you valuable information for moving forward. Knowing the cost and performance of your efforts will help you make needed changes to existing marketing.

Make Accurate Predictions for Future Campaigns

Detailed analysis of marketing efforts is essential when planning future campaigns. The ability to effectively predict the success of new marketing endeavors will save you time, money, and resources, thereby improving your ROI.

Effective marketing performance management gives you an accurate overview of the role marketing plays in your company’s growth, revenue, and goals.

Risk Management for Businesses in Richmond, VA

Risk Management

As a business owner, you have to be conscientious about safeguarding your business against risk. Working with an insurance company that is experienced in serving commercial clients in Richmond can provide you with thorough coverage to protect your business from risk comprehensively and affordably.

Getting the Right Help

Business Insurance by BlueSky offers a variety of coverage areas that can meet all of your business’ individual policy needs. BlueSky provides insurance for a wide range of businesses that vary in size and span across many different types of industries. Their experienced representatives can help you build a package that’s customized to address every type of risk involved in your day-to-day operations.

Tailored Policies for Your Business

To effectively safeguard your business, it may be necessary to get more than a basic general liability policy. BlueSky can help you get competitive prices for the following types of policies:

  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Directors and Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Special Events
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bonds

Building a package with an experienced agency can help you get access to the best carriers in the marketplace that serve your area. Reach out to BlueSky for help with protecting your business from potential liability or loss with thorough commercial insurance coverage.

The Importance of Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses

Commercial Insurance

A small business needs to be proactive about protecting itself against the possibility of a sudden loss or some form of liability exposure.  Obtaining a commercial insurance package policy is a fundamental part of any small business’ management.

Key Elements of Commercial Insurance

You don’t need to become an insurance expert before getting insurance for your business, but you need to understand some of the basics of commercial insurance coverage so that you can get a general sense of what you need when you reach out to an agent for help. Generally, more than one type of policy is needed to insure a business’ operations. You will likely need to build a package that includes the following types of policies:

Additional Policy Indorsements

Depending on your business’ activities, you may need additional protections to fully safeguard your business against loss and liability.

  •       Auto insurance for company vehicles
  •       Directors and officer’s insurance to protect board members and corporate officers from individual liability
  •       Professional liability insurance to protect companies that offer professional services in a specialized field

Work with an insurance agency that is experienced in serving small businesses in your industry for guidance about how you can structure a commercial package that meets your business’ needs.

The Basics of Inland Transport Liability

Inland Transport Liability

Any industry can be quite confusing when it comes to insurance coverage. You may hear the terms “marine insurance” and “Inland marine insurance” used together, but they are separate coverage’s. With marine insurance, coverage is for the transport of products across waterways. With inland marine coverage’s, it applies to the transport of products, equipment, and material that occurs on land.

Your Business and Its Insurance Needs

Though you may do a lot of business with transport over waterways, chances are you will also rely on transport by truck or train for some of your materials or products. You may also have third-party storage or warehousing partners that work with your company. Because cargo theft and collisions are two of the most frequent losses that occur with inland marine transport, it is important you have this exposure covered by insurance.

Covering Your Basics

With a Business Owners Policy, you may have sufficient property insurance to address losses at both your location and a separate but business-related location. However, when your company relies heavily on shipments of equipment or products, these situations are excluded from a BOP. Inland marine can cover things like computers, construction equipment, medical equipment, communications or networking equipment, and a number of other business needs.

When doing business, there is a lot at stake with the safe delivery of your product to the consumer. In order to protect your exposures during transport, consider investing in an inland marine policy.

What Is Freight Factoring?

Freight Factoring

If you operate a trucking company, you know how easily unforeseen events can disrupt your monthly budget. Unexpected increases in fuel costs, repairs or delays in payments from customers can make it difficult to meet your recurring expenses. Using freight factoring can help you to resolve your cash flow problems.

How Does It Work?

Freight factoring, or bobtail factoring, is a simple process. Once the factoring company has approved the credit history of your customers, you forward all of your outstanding customer invoices to the company. The company will immediately advance a percentage of the value of the invoices to your account and then work with your customers to collect the total sum due. Once it has received this payment, the reserve is returned back to you, less a fee for the factoring service.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many advantages to employing a factoring business to handle your invoices. The most important is being able to predict your income and, thereby, create a more stable budget. This helps you to save money and expand your business. If your company is small and you do not have an official accounts department, it can also save valuable time as the factoring service handles the invoicing and collection processes.

You have worked hard to establish your company. Delays and interruptions in your revenue stream can put this at risk. Utilizing the services of a factoring company can help you to create a secure future for your business.

How Knowing the Law Helps You Properly Insure Your Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike

One of the trickiest aspects of selecting the right insurance plan for your lifestyle is figuring out what exactly needs to be covered. Too much coverage and you could be spending a fortune on options you don’t need. Too little involved in your policy and you leave yourself open to plenty of problematic scenarios. When it comes to riding your dirt bike, for example, you need to know what your policy covers in regard to off-road and street riding. The best way to achieve this is by looking over local laws and ordinances involving street bikes.

Basic Rules and Regulations in Connecticut

Understanding the basic concepts of street bike riding in CT can provide you with some insight on how you should go about your insurance concerns. Throughout Connecticut, outdoor vehicles like motorcycles and off-road bikes are permitted in acceptable locations as long as the rider has the appropriate license and insurance coverage. Snowmobiles are also allowed throughout the state and can be converted into off-road vehicles that are allowed to be ridden throughout the spring and summer. Some popular locations for biking in Connecticut include:

        Cockaponset State Forest

        Pachaug State Forest

        Thomaston Dam

Understand the Basic Laws

The more you learn about where and when bikes and similar vehicles are permitted in your state, the easier it will be to select the most appropriate insurance. Explore your options and discover the most sensible fit for your future.

How Occupational Accident Policies Protect Your Workers

Occupational Accident Policies

A comprehensive insurance plan is critical when it comes to keeping your workers safe. Workers’ compensation policies, for example, help provide coverage for lost wages and similar expenses that are incurred after an employee has taken ill or become injured on the job. While this is a standard policy, it is not the only option available to business owners. In states like Oklahoma and Texas, employers can select a different plan when opting out of the traditional compensation plan. Understanding each option can help you pick the right choice for your needs.

Policy Benefits and Options

To understand the benefits of occupational accident policies, it helps to understand how it differs from workers’ compensation packages. For one, there is more control with occupational policies. Instead of having these factors determined for you, an accident policy allows you to choose the limit of liability, assumed deductible, and level of death benefit. This helps you budget better with your insurance without sacrificing quality along the way. In this arrangement, you assume part of the risk and your policy will cover the difference. You will also be able to select from an array of policy options including:

  • Temporary or permanent total disability
  • Chiropractic benefit options
  • Accidental dismemberment
  • Passenger accident benefit

Selecting the best insurance plan takes time and research. Weigh out the pros and cons to determine which option will allow your business the chance to thrive.

Unique Industries Require Specific Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans

Some fields offer more risks than others when it comes to insurance. Usually, a company’s particular plan will be decided based upon certain key factors related to the industry that the business operates within. When it comes to organizations that deal with sanitation concerns, such as sewer lines or portable restrooms, matters can become a bit more complicated. Knowing what to expect from your industry can help you determine which policy makes the most sense for your future.

Avoid Frustrating Fees

Understanding portable sanitation coverages and policies is not difficult. Working with an insurance provider that understands the demands of your industry can be a huge help. The inherent set of risks present in your field will be addressed from the beginning when you work with the right insurer. Some agencies attempt to place co-insurance costs on portable devices like toilets, but this is not always the case. It is important to find a provider who does not charge you ridiculous fees for a basic service. Additional points to consider include:

Find Experienced Professionals

You know your industry better than anyone. In order for you to find the right insurance, you need to look for professionals who have had plenty of experience in protecting businesses like yours. Do research to find the most appropriate fit for your organization.

Tips for Hiring the Right Recruiters

Right Recruiters

A company is only as strong as the people chosen to do the work. This is why it’s particularly important that you have the best staffing team you can possibly have. Hiring the right recruiters for your company improves your company’s overall success and limits liability risks.


The people who are the best at building a strong staff are those who understand the industry and each employee’s place in it. Recruiters should demonstrate knowledge in three basic areas:

  • History of your field
  • Current trends
  • Your company’s culture

All three levels of information are necessary to be an effective staffer. Extensive knowledge helps recruiters find people who are a good fit for your organization.


A great staffing team is one that is enthusiastic about the job. You want people who speak on your behalf to be passionate about what you do. Find people who believe in your company’s vision and can represent you well with prospective employees.


Good recruiters build connections. They know how to network and foster solid relationships to bring talented individuals to your company. Your staffing team should be comprised of people who demonstrate a genuine interest in getting to know the unique needs and skills of each person.

Great employees make great companies. Work with recruiters who can help you build a strong staff.