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What You Need To Know About Insuring Your Maritime Business

Merrimac Marine

While adequate insurance coverage is an important concern for any business, maritime businesses have special additional concerns that should always be taken into consideration when putting together a policy. Maritime Employer’s Liability (MEL) coverage, in particular, ensures that both you and your team are thoroughly protected by the right solutions.

What Is Maritime Employer’s Liability (MEL)?

As explained by Merrimac Marine, MEL is a type of maritime insurance coverage that occupies an important middle ground between the worker’s compensation any business owner would be familiar with and the marine-specific policies a maritime business owner in particular needs to be aware of. Types of services that can be covered under a MEL policy include:
Maritime construction
Seismic research and other scientific studies
Contract work performed aboard active vessels

Without MEL, your maritime business may not be completely covered should your company ever be held liable for injuries, deaths, or other mishaps that may occur as a result of doing business.

Where To Seek Coverage

When insuring a maritime business, it’s important to make sure you’re trusting the process to an expert. For best results, choose an insurance company that specializes strictly in marine business coverage. It’s the best way to make sure you’re properly advised and completely protected going forward. Explore the possibilities today, and rest easy knowing your maritime business is in the right hands.

Three Tips to Increase Staffing Firm Cybersecurity


Staffing firms may not consider data breaches a high concern, but perhaps they should. With the number of temporary, part-time and contract workers moving about the building on any given day, it can be hard to keep track of who has access to what. These tips can help increase your firm’s cybersecurity measures.

Staff Training

Regularly train staff on appropriate security procedures. New employees should have training on how the firm handles sensitive information even if they have no access to that information. As seen on WWSPI, employee misuse of information causes about 12% of all breaches.

Breach Response

Data breaches are bound to happen regardless of the security measures in place. Having a breach response plan in place before they happen can help mitigate the damage done. A solid insurance plan can help mitigate the financial loss of a breach.

Security Policy

All these should be included in robust cybersecurity policy. Encrypt all personal information before issuing mobile devices in case someone loses the device. Have a plan to update all security programs and software programs on a regular basis to reduce outside threats.
Data breaches occur both inside and outside the company. Staffing firms are particularly vulnerable due to the number of people accessing the system. These tips can help reduce the number of breaches and reduce their effects when they happen.

3 Ways To Expand Your Insurance Business

Program Business

Keeping your insurance business going is a big enough responsibility, but getting it growing is something else entirely. To be successful in today’s constantly changing market, you cannot standstill. Here are three ways to expand your insurance agency.

Cultivate Customers

Whether your agency is new or more established, widening your customer base is a priority for long-term viability and profitability. This requires thorough research. You need to know your customers and potential customers. What are their concerns? What are they looking for in a policy? Social media platforms are great ways to connect and interact with customers. Answer questions and address concerns directly, and you can help build loyalty amongst current customers and possibly attract new ones.

Get on a Directory

People today are busy, and when they are looking for insurance, they appreciate compiled databases with information about and links for agencies that let them compare services and policies quickly and easily. As referenced on Program Business, its insurance directory is popular and has been the platform for more than $2 billion worth of written premiums.

Offer More Policy Options

Examine your current offerings and consider expanding your policies. Giving your customers more options increases value. It also delivers better customer service.
Growing your insurance business in today’s mercurial environment is challenging. However, there are specific steps that help you inject new life into your insurance agency. Taking action now sets your business up for a healthy future.

Top Benefits of Renter’s Insurance

Byrnes Agency Insurance

Nowadays, more people are renting than ever before. Unfortunately, when it comes to the number of renters, far less have renter’s insurance. According to the Byrnes Agency Insurance experts, 31% of renters do not have insurance. If you don’t have insurance, here are some reasons why you should.

Damaged Belongings

Renters insurance covers your belongings. This is not only what you own but it also covers things that you rent or borrow. Anything in your possession is considered a property that you can cover under your renter’s insurance policy.

Legal Fees

What happens if someone is injured in your home or apartment? You might think that only homeowners have to worry about liability if someone is injured, but that isn’t the case. You still should have liability insurance, in case someone files a lawsuit against you.

Hotel Costs

What do you do if something happens to your home? Flooding, fire or repair work could have you out of your home for days or weeks. It’s important that you have someplace to stay in the meantime. Often, this means staying in a hotel. With insurance, some of those costs may be covered.
With all the benefits of renter’s insurance, it makes sense that more people should trust a renters insurance company with their belongings. Without renter’s insurance, you may not have the funds to pay for disasters later on.

Why Your Business Needs Riding Insurance

Impact Programs.

Although you already know how important it is to protect your business, there are certain considerations to make when you own a riding club. That is why having riding club insurance is necessary, both for your consumers, those you employ, and yourself. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t operate without it.

Riding Coverage Protects Your Customers

At a riding facility, it can be easy for accidents to occur, even if your grounds are maintained properly. It is necessary to having riding club insurance that can protect your customers when they are out riding their horse. Or even if they are not riding, but end up with an injury while on the grounds, having insurance can protect you in the event you get sued, according to Impact Programs.

Coverage Protects Your Workers

Workers who are dealing with horses as part of their job can easily get injured. This could happen because of the horse, or even if an accident occurs, such as a loud noise startling the animal. You can avoid the problems that come with having an employee injured on the job by selecting insurance coverage that can handle such instances.
If your business involves working with horses, riding club insurance can provide you with the necessary protection. Your customers and employees can be covered under a policy that works for you.

Liability for Towing Operators

insurance requirement : Liability for Towing Operators

The risks associated with operating a towing company can be many, considering the dangers of roadside work, taking possession of another’s property, and the potential for an accident when taking a damaged vehicle to a yard or mechanic’s shop. Although it assumed that an operator would exercise caution and take reasonable care to ensure no damage occurs, accidents can and do happen. In these instances, the professionals at recommend a strong tow truck liability insurance plan.

The Reasoning Behind the Coverage

If through the actions of you or an operator, your business creates personal injury or causes property damage, you will be legally obligated to pay for the resolution of the situation. Depending on the extent of the incident, the medical bills, restoration or replacement costs, and legal fees could cripple your company’s finances. If your driver is headed down the road and swerves to avoid a dog that ran in the road, but while doing so hits another car, a liability policy could help cover the costs.

When it comes to what you would owe the other driver, a policy would help with:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Car repairs

A strong policy may also help with the legal costs if the other driver decides to sue. The other area of liability coverage would include property damage, whether it be another car, fencing, or a structure.

Securing Your Load is More Than Strapping it Down

Western Truck Insurance programs

“Even though all carriers are required to carry some form of liability insurance, general policies leave out some of the most expensive and critical areas of exposure. As the teams of Western Truck Insurance programs advise, securing a cargo insurance policy can help fill in one of the gaps left by a generic plan.

Areas of Exposure

Carrier liability does not offer any support in areas where damage to your cargo occurs. Because your payout depends on the ability to deliver a load, financially securing your load before you leave the warehouse is important. With cargo insurance, the goods are typically insured while they a being stored and then throughout transit until delivery. Coverage extends to areas of exposure from theft, damage, or loss during transport. Areas of transit can extend beyond the roadway and include:
Post parcel

Under the umbrella of cargo insurance, there are elements that need to be considered and these can be added into your coverage. Having an all-risk coverage extends the scope of protection to things caused by extends factors. It might include employee dishonesty, improper packing, or infestation.
To thoroughly secure your load, consider investing in cargo insurance. This policy allows you to focus on the needs of the road rather than worrying about the content of your trailer.

The Contrast Between Insurance Policy and Surety Bonds

moody insurance worldwide

“If your company is contracted to a specific project, the client will take measures to ensure its satisfying completion. This is usually accomplished through insurance plans, but also through a surety bond. Even though this bond is sometimes known as bonding insurance, these two concepts are not the same. Continue reading to learn more about surety bond vs insurance policy.

What is a Surety Bond?

You are likely familiar with how an insurance plan works, while a surety bond is less known. According to moody insurance worldwide, a surety bond is a particular agreement and contract where the bonding company pledges to play the client, or obligee, if the principal, the company performing the labor in question, fails to meet the standards established in the agreement. If the company must pay to the obligee, the principal must pay the company back. There are more specific types of bonds, such as bid, performance, and payment.

Differences With Insurance

An insurance plan would cover more general areas and incidents beyond failure to satisfy the obligee. Meanwhile, the surety bond is a guarantee involving finances, which means the bonding company must run a tighter, more detailed application process. You will have to provide project information, financial records and more to successfully apply for the bond.
Besides their overall goal, insurance plans and surety bonds have different stakes and application process. Knowing the difference beforehand can help you decide and prepare properly.

How to Keep Special Events Safe

“Perhaps the single best thing about summer is all the special events that are available. From outdoor movies in the park to bustling county fairs and everything in between, summer is a mecca of celebratory special events. Given some of the recent public tragedies making headlines around the country, people are starting to figure out how they can make their special events as safe as possible. Below are three ways to help improve safety measures at special events. Source:

1. Security

More and more special events are starting to hire security staff. While this could add significant cost to event operations (depending on the size of the event), hiring festival security companies can provide incredible ease of mind and help attendees feel safe so they can relax and enjoy the event thoroughly.

2. Safety Training

It’s not realistic to provide safety training to all attendees, as most events are open to the public and don’t require advance registration. However, it is very possible to provide safety training to all vendors, event staff and volunteers. Even just one hour of required safety training can make a big difference in the event of an emergency.

3. Advanced Planning

The more advanced safety planning that is done in advance, the better. Having evacuation routes posted, first aid kits stalked and walkie talkies charged are all examples of great advance planning.

Dentist Professional Liability and Malpractice Suits

For anyone who is a practicing dentist, you may think you don’t really need to know that much about malpractice insurance. But many physicians have found out the hard way that, at a minimum, you should understand the insurance coverage you have, and what happens if a suit is filed against you.

You need to have the proper information to make sound decisions about choosing a carrier and negotiating policy options. Remember that you have a choice on the type of dentist professional liability policy to purchase.

Knowing the types of policies available

Professional liability insurance comes in two basic forms: occurrence or claims-made. In today’s insurance market, the overwhelming majority of policies available are claims-made, but a few companies do offer occurrence policies. Speak to an agent to determine which you are better suited for, how much coverage you need, and what steps to take if a claim is filed or an incident occurs.

Many insurers write on a claims-made form basis where a policy in effect at the time a claim is reported responds for the loss, regardless of when the error was made. The policy that was more popular in earlier times is occurrence-made which covers a loss that occurred during the policy period, regardless of when the claim was made. But this may be difficult to obtain.

In addition, discuss the amount of coverage you need to be adequately insured and how defense coverage works – whether it is part of the overall liability limit or separate amount. Check to see how that amount is.

When looking to secure Professional liability insurance, be sure you are working with an agent that not only has experience in covering dentist but also works with insurance carriers that specialized in this area. They will provide you with the right policy and the service you need in the event of a claim.