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Keeping Taxi Passengers Safe

Driving a taxi has its ups and downs. There is always a risk when passengers are in your car. There are many things that you need or should do to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

Pack Tools

You should always check your cab for the proper tools you need to be safe. Some of these include:

  • Making sure you have your cell phone available.
  • Checking to see if an emergency roadside kit is present.
  • Ensuring that there is a first aid kit available in your car.

It’s easy to get in a hurry and overlook these simple things, but if you do you’ll regret it down the road.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for each ride is essential. It is not only important for you but your passenger also. Disinfecting taxi cabs between riders is one important way to keep passengers safe and healthy.

You should always make sure you are alert and in the proper mindset for each ride. This includes getting out and stretching every so often. Making sure you have the proper nutrition throughout the day, and drink plenty of water can go a long way towards keeping you focused.

Keeping passengers safe means being prepared and packing the right tools, and taking care of your own health and safety.

A Short Guide To TNC Insurance

Working for a transportation network company, otherwise known as a TNC, like Uber or Lyft, can be a great way to make a living or supplement your already existing income. All you need is a car and you can be out earning money right away. However, driving for a TNC comes with a certain amount of risk. TNC insurance can help you deal with this risk.

What Is TNC Insurance?

TNC Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is designed to protect TNC drivers from a variety of common risks. It can cover things like repair costs and medical bills that occur as a result of an accident.

Why Do You Need TNC Insurance?

If you are at all familiar with TNCs, chances are that you are aware that most TNCs provide a certain amount of insurance coverage.  This begs the question, why do you need to purchase your own TNC insurance? Unfortunately, the insurance provided by TNCs only applies once a ride has been accepted. If you are logged into the company app but have not yet accepted a ride, you have less than ideal coverage.

Working for a TNC can expose you to a certain amount of financial risk. TNC insurance can help everything run far more smoothly.

Yes, Millennials Need Life Insurance

The millennial generation — individuals born between 1980 and 1995 — tend to face a tougher financial climate than other generations. They came of age during a financial crisis, often leading to a lack of employment opportunities. Add a crushing student loan debt burden, and it should come as no surprise that many forgo adding the cost of life insurance to their spending. However, that can be a huge mistake. Here are a couple of reasons why millennials should have a life insurance policy in place.

Life Insurance Can Be Affordable

Life insurance for millennials is more affordable than you might realize. Plus, the earlier you purchase a policy, the lower your premiums will usually be. That means that you might not have to stretch your budget as far as you think to make a sound financial decision.

The Right Policy Protects Your Assets

If you were to die tomorrow, would your family be able to cover their bills? Could they pay off your shared debts, such as a mortgage or car loan? Having a life insurance policy in place protects them from the potential consequences of default on these obligations.

Millennials should consider purchasing life insurance. It offers financial security for loved ones and can help them avoid taking on your debt after you are gone.

Shifting Dynamics in Companies With People Working From Home

When regions across the country imposed restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic and employers worked ardently to protect their workforce, working from home became a new norm. As people are returning to everyday things more and more, there has been an increase in corporate workers going back to the office. Nevertheless, not every company is quick to call everyone back to work onsite.

Safety Considerations

The threat of a more contagious and potentially more dangerous strain as most restrictions have been lifted has people on their guard. Also, a surprising number of people have been resistant to getting immunized because of misinformation campaigns, often driven by political objectives. In areas such as Florida, some leaders have actually attempted to prevent companies from requiring workers to get vaccinated. Understandably, employers remain cautious as a new wave of cases is on the rise.

Optimizing Productivity

Many workers have been able to enhance their productivity as well as their satisfaction with their job roles by working from home. Given the choice, many employers and employees alike would like the opportunity to make a permanent change.

Ultimately, work-from-home employees may help companies save on overhead costs and retain their best team members. Productivity and financial considerations are key factors in companies’ analyses, but keeping people safe will remain to be a priority.

Pros and Cons of Being an Owner Operator

It is the dream of many drivers to strike out on the open road in their own truck. It is nice to think about the freedom and profits that this kind of life might bring. Still, it is a huge decision, and there are a lot of factors to take into account.

Pros of Owning Your Truck

The freedom and profits that people imagine can be a reality. Working for yourself will usually pay better than driving for a company, and you have choices about what jobs to take or turn down.


Cons of Owning Your Truck

A lot of the drawbacks fall into the category of money. Getting your own truck is expensive. You will need to have a pretty good credit rating to secure owner operator semi truck financing. If you have credit issues get them worked out before you try to borrow.

Another problem that can come up is family. If you are single, this may not apply. If you have a family make sure everyone understands what the life is going to be like. Being gone a lot can be hard on even a strong family.

if you are in a position where the financial and family burdens are manageable, being an owner operator might be right for you.

Protecting Volunteers at Your Organization

Countless nonprofits — as well as other businesses and organizations — rely on volunteers to keep their operations flowing smoothly. Volunteers are integral for assisting clients, transporting clients and goods, accounting, managing food safety, and undertaking countless other tasks, depending on industry and type of organization.

Ensuring your nonprofit or organization carries sufficient volunteer liability insurance is essential to protecting your volunteers and the stability of your operation. Volunteers Insurance Service (VIS) can help you find an insurance and risk management policy sufficient to your busines.

What Does Volunteer Insurance Cover?

Specifics of volunteer insurance will vary depending on the unique details of your operation. A policy may offer general liability coverage, vehicle coverage, machinery coverage, or other types of coverage depending on your particular tasks. An experienced volunteer insurer will also be able to help you establish risk management programs — including additional trainings for volunteers, safety protocols, and other measures — to effectively prevent accidents before they occur.

A major benefit of volunteer insurance is that it covers areas that may be missed by your organization’s general liability policies. Rather than worrying about gaps, establishing a separate  volunteer liability insurance program will ensure you are prepared for any incidents. An experienced insurer can help develop a policy that effectively protects you and your volunteers.


The Ins and Outs of EPLI

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) is a kind of liability insurance designed to protect businesses from employee-generated claims related to wrongful termination, breach of contract, discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace harassment. The EPLI market has grown exponentially over the last few decades.

Understand the Need

Employees accuse businesses of inappropriate actions all the time. They may claim that individual employees engaged in nefarious practices or that a company itself participated in such acts. Either way, employees can initiate a legal battle with their entire company. Large corporations may be able to survive such battles, but small businesses will be likely be disseminated by them. EPLI can ensure the survival of a business by covering its legal costs and settlements.

Calculate the Costs

When gauging the premium for your EPLI, insurers will take several risk factors into consideration. These factors include company type, company location, company size, litigation history, and employee policy. Insurance agents may charge a small business around $800 annually and a medium-sized business up to $3000 annually. If the risks factors within a company structure increase, its premium could rise over time.

By having EPLI, companies can save a great deal of money and avoid spending a significant amount of time and energy on certain legal issues. It is truly beneficial for businesses to have it.

EO and DO Insurance: Essential Parts of Your Business Survival Kit

As a business owner, you know firsthand the effort your team pours into providing top-notch service. But sincerity is no protection against a lawsuit, even when an action lacks merit, and that makes liability insurance necessary. Two building blocks of this protection are errors and omissions coverage, and directors and officers insurance. Knowing the roles of E&O vs D&O will help secure your company’s future.

Errors and Omissions: Safeguarding the Company

E&O coverage protects the corporate entity when a lawsuit names an entire company. Common grounds for these suits are:

  • Breach of contract
  • Failure to disclose material information
  • Missed deadlines

Careful tailoring defines an effective E&O policy, and updating this coverage is crucial as your company evolves.

Directors and Officers: Protecting the Leadership Team

D&O coverage serves as a wingmate to E&O insurance and is triggered when lawsuits individually name officers or board members. Intellectual property violations and breaches of fiduciary duty are frequent grounds for this litigation. D&O insurance is also essential for talent recruitment, as potential directors for your company’s board will insist on this coverage.

While E&O and D&O are vital, seamless protection for your company is your goal. To build across-the-board liability coverage, seek an insurance agency with a proven track record of serving local businesses.

Coverage For Cyber Breaches

In today’s information-driven economy, sensitive information has never been so vulnerable. Hackers and other malicious third parties use increasingly sophisticated methods to attack governments, businesses, and other institutions, utilizing a variety of cyberattack schemes. Ensuring your business is well protected, and you carry sufficient cyber liability insurance for data breaches, is essential for proactively dealing with these growing threats.

Vulnerabilities to Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals today use an alarming variety of techniques to steal money and information. This includes phishing schemes, denial-of-service attacks, hacking and data theft, extortion, and other efforts. As a highly digitally-based business, it is imperative to have adequate protection to deal with threats.

Cyber liability insurance may help with any of the following, and more:

  • Paying damages owed to clients as a result of a breach
  • Managing extortion requests from cybercriminals
  • Restoring and paying for data lost after a breach
  • Improving cybersecurity methods to avoid data breaches in the first place

Ultimately, the digitally interconnected economy of today means that novel cyber threats are widespread and will only continue to grow more severe. To best ensure your business is prepared to withstand a cyberattack or data breach, it is vital to speak to an experienced insurer about cyber liability insurance for data breaches, to safeguard your assets and protect your clients.

How High Value Home Insurance Protects Your Household

Ensuring your home is well-protected in the event of an accident or significant damage is essential for maintaining consistent peace of mind. But sometimes a basic homeowners policy is insufficient to protect your assets, and it may be worth looking into high value home insurance. This added layer of protection will ensure that if your home is faced with a major accident, you are able to thoroughly cover any losses.

What Sets High Value Home Insurance Apart?

High value home insurance essentially gives you deeper protection than you might secure from a typical home insurance policy. While specifics will vary depending on the needs of your family and home, it may include some of the following, and more:

  • Additional water and mold damage coverage
  • Higher personal liability coverage
  • Additional protection for home electronics systems, including cyber protection
  • Coverage in cases of identity theft

In some cases, the limits of a typical homeowners’ insurance policy are simply insufficient to cover the entirety of damages to a high-value home. Worrying about the extent of your coverage and whether it will meet your needs in a trying situation is something no homeowner wants to consider. Speaking to an experienced insurer about high value coverage can preemptively ensure fiscal stability and peace of mind if unexpected damage does occur.