Bar Insurance Programs: Insuring A Good Time

Going to the bar can be the perfect salve for a broken heart or a stressful business deal. Bars offer the space to go it alone, mulling over your worries with a quick drink on the way home from the office, or alternatively, to hit the town with a few of your closest friends. No matter why or with whom you choose to drink, there’s no denying the pull of a bar when life gets stressful. This does, however, emphasize the importance of comprehensive bar insurance programs.

Why Do Bars Need Insurance?

Any time you combine alcohol and the public, it’s a good idea to make sure everything and everyone involved is as insured as possible. This is especially true for bars, as they often serve patrons who, unbeknownst to them, drive home and pose a threat to more than just the bar’s patrons.

What Policies Are Best?

The type of insurance policies that work best for any given bar will vary on a case-by-case basis, but some policies are essential for any establishment that serves alcohol. General liability, workers’ compensation, and liquor liability are some of the most important, as they reimburse or cover the costs of resulting legal fees, medical bills, and lost wages.

Adequate insurance coverage is a necessity for any business that serves alcohol, even if they only do so on certain occasions. Fortunately, bar insurance programs are flexible and customizable, ensuring that all bars can focus less on insurance and more on customer service.

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