A Short Guide To TNC Insurance

Working for a transportation network company, otherwise known as a TNC, like Uber or Lyft, can be a great way to make a living or supplement your already existing income. All you need is a car and you can be out earning money right away. However, driving for a TNC comes with a certain amount of risk. TNC insurance can help you deal with this risk.

What Is TNC Insurance?

TNC Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is designed to protect TNC drivers from a variety of common risks. It can cover things like repair costs and medical bills that occur as a result of an accident.

Why Do You Need TNC Insurance?

If you are at all familiar with TNCs, chances are that you are aware that most TNCs provide a certain amount of insurance coverage.  This begs the question, why do you need to purchase your own TNC insurance? Unfortunately, the insurance provided by TNCs only applies once a ride has been accepted. If you are logged into the company app but have not yet accepted a ride, you have less than ideal coverage.

Working for a TNC can expose you to a certain amount of financial risk. TNC insurance can help everything run far more smoothly.

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