A Short Guide To Boat Club Insurance

Running a boat club offers you the opportunity to give those with an appreciation for maritime adventures a place to mingle with like-minded individuals. Running a boat club can be an extremely fulfilling way to make an income but it also comes with a certain amount of risk. If something unexpectedly goes wrong, you could end up having to pay medical bills, property repair/replacement costs, and legal fees in the case of a lawsuit.

Luckily, you can obtain boat club insurance which can help cover you in the event something goes wrong. There are many types of boat club insurance that all cover you against different types of risks.

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance coverage can protect you in situations where you are faced with injury or property damage claims. Additionally, it can help pick up court costs associated with these claims.

Crime Coverage

There is always the chance that your boat club could fall victim to criminal actions. Crime coverage can offer you protection from things like embezzlement, theft, and vandalism which can really put a damper on the fun people generally have at a boat club.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees at your club, this type of insurance is a must.  It can help pick up costs associated with employee injuries that occur while they are working.

Running a boat club is not always easy. Boat club insurance can make all the difference.

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