3 Reasons Teachers Need Educator Liability Insurance

Teachers work tirelessly to instill critical knowledge, skills, and values in the world’s upcoming generations. Unfortunately, this essential duty comes with a price. It is not uncommon for educators to find themselves on the other side of a lawsuit that costs them their savings, their job, or even their licensure.

1. Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Allegations of inappropriate student-teacher relationships have made headlines for decades. While these allegations are often, unfortunately, true, false accusations are equally prevalent. Having educator liability insurance coverage can help teachers feel supported should they ever find themselves in this distressing situation.

2. Lawsuits Regarding Quality of Education

If a family feels that their child did not receive an adequate education, that family may choose to take legal action against specific teachers, the school itself, or even the entire district. While these cases are often settled out of court, insurance policies can cover the ensuing fees for legal representation.

3. Liability for Inadequate Student Accommodations

Some students with disabilities require specific accommodations during their time at school. If a teacher or school does not honor these accommodations, that family is entitled to sue for the physical and emotional impact this has on students.

Today’s teachers wear many hats, and the stress of the job is overwhelming even without the additional worry of career-ending accusations. By maintaining adequate insurance coverage, however, educators can take at least one stressor off their overloaded plates.

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